Cyber-Security Solutions Provider

Who we are

With several years of experience background on the information technologies and services, our passion focus on global cybersecurity field. Based on our analysis of the market, we wand to help bringing new vision by adressing fearlessly the most specific and sharp use cases.

Our value proposal is the enhancement of Innovatives and disruptives solutions. They can be real responses to actually not totally covered needs of interesting alternate things against the main makret proposal.

We do not have anxiety about the early market, cause if require a particular investment to be understood, asimilated, and adopted… It is in the same time a wonderfull playground for evangelism. Convicted of the value that they can bring, we are very enthousiast to show them and share them with the distribution networks. We will be able to cover a wider cover in term of activity sectors, geographical areas and account typologies.


Based near Paris, we target the Europe by trusted partners to enhance vendors and respond the the market special use cases.

Key values

We trully hope to bring market real values despite of only volumes. So we can void to focus on strict profitability that impact actual market’s major actors from vendors to final customers.

  • Advise

    Sharing experience with service providers and final customers about problems to find way to solve.

  • Accuracy

    We are autonomous and own various skills and experience with a wide network. We want to find with you what you need.

  • Development

    Be resiliant, motivated to evangelize and help the market to reach maturity on emergent solution if required.

Reliability contract

Our engagments are the Kuberyzom DNA. They illustrate our will to keep them in time no matter the future brings.

Let customer express himself whitout any industrial majors formats. Closer to their real and concrete work needs.

Exit the confort zone and try new. Assimilate the dynamic of markets, trends and innovations voiding painfull versatility.

Be wide open minded, intellectually flexible, adaptative to new concepts or needs expressions. Being aware of modern concepts and paradigms.

Deliver response in correct time to insure quality and need satisfaction without any dead time.

Agregate individual interest despite of working only in a competitive mode. Cooperative mind for a best value.

Your Team

Maud Corticchiato

Maud Corticchiato

the Networker (Adequoit)

Specialized in Business Acceleration for the cyber security sector and trusted advisor for over 17 years.​ Maud is especially talented in building strong relationships with key players on the market, and her sharp understanding of the market needs makes her a trusted advisor for the customers and partners.



the Evangelist

Strong experience of Technical Manager, focused on services and expertise in Network & Security and innovation.​​ Cyrille is especially talented as an evangelist, and acts on preparing the market to the needs of the future.

Stephane COMTE

Stéphane COMTE

the Matchmaker (NEOSMOS)

Graduated from the Technion, Israel, Stéphane served in the Israeli army (IDF) for many years, before turning to Sales Development in Cybersecurity.  Passionate about innovation and more specifically by its adoption by the market, Stéphane successfully launched several startups on the French and European markets.