Cyber-Security Solutions Provider

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They already trust us and we thank them for that. They can be your next strenght points. So contact us to learn more and find what we can do.

Technologic Partners

We established specific technologic partneship to develop actual market underestimated subjects. We would like to offer you  missing components or services to optimize your expenses and defence postures.


But we are not limited to that technologies we enhance. Our background prove skills on main technologies. So we can help to evaluate and qualify more basic needs or projects thanks to legacy distribution circuit.

The capacity to segment and filter network/application flows by firewalls : next-gen Firewall (NgFW), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Mail (antispam), Database Firewall (DBFw) or Administration Bastion.

Aibility of advanced threat detection on a legacy ways (IDS, FW, ...) or much more modern  (UEBA, NDR). And then tools at disposal of oprationnals (SIEM/SOAR/TIM).

Désigne la capacité à prendre en compte des problématiques d'exploitation tout en s'adaptant aux contraintes inhérentes à ces environnements.

Service Providers

A technologic offer is no longer enought without experts. You’ll need them to integrate, maintain and exploit that ones. So the rhizome federate trust partners to support you and bring you the best quality. Specialist in their domains, adressing different kind of accounts and sectors. They will advise and guide you insuring the durability of your systems.

and more coming…

The core

Kuberyzom is part of a group federating actors to extend human capacity to enhance innovation and respond to different need of service providers and final customers.